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Tool can be used for opening multiple URLs at the same time. It’s handy for link researches, manual analysis of link profiles, various link building purposes or URL testing. You’ll save a lot of time with URL Opener.

There are many other similar tools on the internet. But some couldn’t open URLs with HTTPS protocol. And most of the other tools have only one field for URLs and can’t be used for any testing. So I created and designed my version of the URL opening tool to be more reliable and handle more scenarios.

Use together with URL Builder for advanced options of URL customization.

Into the middle text field simply input a list of your URLs or domains. And click on the button “Open URLs“. All URLs will be opened in a new tab in one batch.

If you input only domains or have URLs without any protocol at the start of the string, URL Opener will automatically put “http://” in front of the URL. Example. If you input example.com. URL http://example.com will be opened.

Subdomain” field can be used to prepend a specific subdomain to a domain. You have to input subdomain with the DOT. For example www.. This function is primarily usable with domain input. If you input www.example.com in the main field and www. in the subdomain field tool will open following URL with double WWW http://www.www.example.com.

Slug or parameter” field works in a similar way as subdomain field. It appends any given string to the URL in the main field. It’s useful for testing generic slugs like /contact. If you input example.com/ in the main URL field and /contact in the slug field tool will open URL containing double slash http://example.com//contact.

It best to you use somehow standardized dataset of URLs if you want to use subdomain or slug fields. The best option is to use URL Builder which is a tool for cleaning and standardization of URL datasets.

You can input only one value to the fields for subdomain and slug or parameter. The URL field is unlimited but optimal amount is 20-50 URLs at maximum. The limit is determined by the performance of your web browser and computer.

If you accidentally try to open too many URLs it very helpful to have installed plugin OneTab. It will help you to merge and close all tabs at once. OneTab is available for Chrome and Firefox.

This tool does not gather personal data, inputs or outputs. Usage is fully anonymous, free of charge and free of ads.


Some browsers are blocking pop-up windows. Same browsers will also block URL Opener from full functionality. You need to allow opening pop-ups from website link-brain.com. Firefox should be fine. You’ll find info screenshot for Chrome below. And Opera is almost the same as Chrome.

And don’t worry, there are no annoying pop-ups on this website. I hate them as much as do you. By allowing pop-ups, you’ll only unblock the core functionality of this tool.

Chrome Allowing pop-ups in Chrome