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URL Builder is an original LINK-BRAIN tool for URL modification and standardization. Build, modify, or trim URLs with only a few clicks. It replaces Excel or other table processors since it allows you to process smaller quantities of data without any complicated formulas and functions.

I created this tool to help me quickly process data from the browser. And made it public so it could help more SEOs and link builders. Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave feedback or request more functions via concat form at the end of this page.

Into the first text field, input your URLs for modification. The optimal amount of data on input is 1.000 rows. In the next steps, press the buttons to modify and standardize your data until you’re satisfied. You’ll see live modified URLs in the right field.

You can add or remove protocols, WWW subdomain, trailing slashes, or create many custom modifications. Utilize the output for redirection tables, reports, or any other way you need.

Output can be copied to the clipboard with Copy button and purged with Reset button.

Customization works pretty straightforwardly. Into the left field, write the original value to lookup. And into the right field input a new text which should replace the original. You can freely switch between those two texts by using buttons Switch to original and Switch to new. And you can change the values any time you want.

For your comfort, there are three customizations: domain, subdomain, and any other URL string you want to replace. When replacing TLDs or subdomains, it’s better to use the whole strings with dots to ensure correct matching in your data.


  • example.com -> better-example.org
  • test.example.com -> blog.awesome.net
  • new.example.com -> example.edu
  • www. -> test.
  • .com -> .co.uk
  • ?fbclid -> ?facebook_id
  • #no-crawl -> ?crawl_please
  • whatever -> anything

Theoretically, there are no limits. In reality, URL cleanup is no easy task to be handled by a simple utility tool in your browser. The optimal quantity to process is approximately 1.000 URLs. If you input 10.000 URLs, every single modification will take 50+ seconds to process. The tool is not optimized to handle more than that.

I’m working on an advanced version of this tool. It will have more options and will be able to process more data. At this moment I can’t tell when it will be ready.

If you need to process more data, I’d like to recommend Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or another table processor.

If you need any help, feel free to contact me via the form at the end of this page.

This tool does not gather personal data, inputs or outputs. Usage is fully anonymous, free of charge and free of ads.