Percentage Calculator

What is X percent from Y

What is % from ?

X is what percentage of Y

is what % of ?

What is percentage decrease/increase from X to Y

What is the % increase or decrease from to ?


The primary purpose of the Percentage Calculator is to count percentage equations in the three most common scenarios. It’s a simple but useful utility.

Creating a calculator is one of the first steps for many beginners programmers. There are tons of calculators that are almost the same. So I decided to develop a particular enhancement, which I missed while using some other tools—a history of last calculations. That’s is the unique twist and improvement from tons of other similar tools.

You can use this calculator for three different scenarios represented by three common phrases.

  • What is a given percentage of some value?
  • A given number is what percentage of some value?
  • What is the percentage increase or decrease from one value to another?

Using the tool is simple. Input numeric values into the fields and click on Calculate. You’ll see the result immediately, and it will be temporarily saved (cached in your browser) so you can view the history of your calculations until resetting or reloading the page.

There are no limits. You can use this tool for free as many times as you want.

For processing more data we recommend using Excel, Google Sheets, or some other table processor.

This tool does not gather personal data, inputs or outputs. Usage is fully anonymous, free of charge and free of ads.