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The primary purpose of Character Counter is to count all characters, words and rows in any text. Counting is very fast up to 1.000.000 characters. Everything works automatically as you type.

There are many other similar tools on the internet. Usually very simple with only one purpose – to count characters. Sometimes with unnecessary limits and ability to count text only up to 2000 characters. And you typically have to push some button to start the counting process. I wanted more information, instantly and without limits. Therefore my character counting tool counts not only characters in a given text but words and rows as well.

Write or paste any text into the text area. You can use button “Reset” to delete text and reset calculated metrics.

Character Counter works optimally for texts within 1.000.000 characters, 100.000 words or 10.000 rows. For example. Processing text witch 10.000.000 characters, 1.500.000 words or 150.000 rows will take approximately 20-30 seconds. Larger text inputs can cause timeouts and get your browser stuck.
This tool does not gather personal data, inputs or outputs. Usage is fully anonymous, free of charge and free of ads.